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      Network Monitor II      

Network Monitor II is a Windows widget that provides you important information about the current network connection. You can view the network traffic and information about your IP address directly on your desktop without installing other network monitoring tools.

The widget has a customizable interface that allows you to change its size and the information that are displayed. There are two styles available by default but you can also change the colors of every element in order to match your desktop theme. If you make a lot of changes but the result is not what you expected, you can restore the default settings with just one click.

Among the information that is displayed by the widget you can find the local or the external IP address, the network usage and the current upload or download rate. Also included are details about bandwidth usage. The traffic counter lets you automatically save the information when the application is shut down.

The Info button extends the information provided by the widget with data related with the network interface such as the MAC address, the Internet gateway and the DNS server that is used by the computer. The widget provides you with detailed information about the owner of the current IP address when you put the mouse cursor over the flag displayed on the right side.

Network Monitor II is a fully customizable network information provider that is simple in design but has all the functions that you require to monitor the network traffic for your computer.


1. Display both internal and external IP address of your computer.
2. Display download speed, upload speed and net usage.
3. Display total downloaded/uploaded bytes, and downloaded/uploaded bytes of current session.
4. Support both wired network and wireless network.
5. Customize the text color of each element on the user interface.
6. Auto update if internal/external IP changed.
7. Save traffic counters to external file.
8. Plus many more.
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I make my gadget multilingual. If anybody want to localize my gadget to your language, please contact me for get instructions.
Now is available in: Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese (BR), Spanish (LA), Turkish, Macedonian, German, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, French, Catalonian, Indonesian, Italian, Slovak, Hindi, Polish, Czech, Japanese

FamousWhy Editor wrote:

Network Monitor II (for wired and wireless) is a great monitor for your network that will show you many information about your network, like the signal quality, SSID, Internal IP address and external ip address with the flag of your country when you are connected to the internet, upload speed, download speed and total speed, and will also show you the network utilization.

This program is resizable and does not require any 3rd party applications. You can change the colors of the gadget's elements and also you can change the color of the background.

The program is very easy to install and has an amazing user interface that will make you to enjoy every moment spent using this program. You also can configure this program in a very nice way. When you click on configure, you will be prompted with 6 tabs where you can really configure the program the way you like.

The main tab provides you with the connection type and network interface selection, the second one, the Mode tab, will enable you to use NetLiB.dll for counting option.

Also, in the next tabs you will find options about saving traffic counters, resetting traffic, counters, history scale type and bar scaling. Also you can choose to hide internal or external IP string, to hide services strings, Net Usage string, Bars, Speed numbers and all graphics.

This program is free so you can just download it and enjoy it, if you have a computer with Windows OS installed.

Why is Network Monitor II famous?

Network Monitor II is famous because it is a great monitor for your network, it is really easy to use and it is free.

Network Monitor II Network Monitor II

Special features
  • Click on GW/Int.IP (in a right side) for switch show between Gateway and Internal IP.
  • When you have more than one Internal IP click on Int.IP (in a right left) for switching between Internal IPs. If it is happens cursor. changed to pointer when you move it above this string.
  • Click on Info for show additional information into flyout window, click again - close flyout window.
  • Move mouse over country flag for show additional information.
  • Click on connection identification icon ( or/and ) for switch between connection type.
  • Move mouse over "Current" or "Total" for view summary traffic.
  • Click on refresh icon for refresh gadget.
  • In flyout window click on every element for copy corresponding element into clipboard.
  • Double click on background will show Network And Sharing Center.
  • Move mouse over title for show next counters reset data/time if it is set.
  • Gray name    mean that this NIC disconnected right now. But you can select it for working in future when it connected.
Advice 1: for use switch between connection type you must do follow step.
  1. Go to settings tab #2.
  2. Select "Connection type" and both network interfaces for IP and monitoring for switching.
  3. Press "Set net settings for switching" button.
  4. Back "Connection type" and both network interfaces for IP and monitoring to their current position.
  5. Press "Set net settings for switching" button.
  6. Press Ok button.
After this steps you can change between connections by clicking on connection identification icon ( or/and ). After first clicking you change net parameters to parameters saved after click "Set net settings for switching" button. Next click on connection identification icon ( or/and ) restore net parameters to their current position.

Advice 2: before check "Auto pick the network type" option you must do follow step.
  1. Go to settings tab #2.
  2. Select "Connection type" and both network interfaces for IP and monitoring for first network.
  3. Press "Set net settings for switching" button.
  4. Back "Connection type" and both network interfaces for IP and monitoring for second network.
  5. Press "Set net settings for switching" button.
  6. Check "Auto pick the network type" box.
  7. Press Ok button.
In this case if you switch to wireless net gadget automatically changes to wireless mode. When you break wireless net gadget immediately back to wired mode.
Note: you can exit from settings after each step and exit to settings again to continue.

Advice 3: what is it "Forcibly scan Internet (for router)" option.
When you use network card in your computer and connection change their status in windows appear special event. This event captured by my gadget. But when you use external device like router this event not appear. For this case need "Forcibly scan Internet (for router)". When this box checked gadget periodically (use "Scan every" field value) check internet connection. This use internet and traffic grows.

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