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What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program that was launched in the middle of 2003 by Google, the popular search engine. Google acts as an intermediary between a vast number of advertisers and an equally impressive number of website owners.

Advertisers sign up with Google and create text ads that they would like to be displayed. The company displays these ads on the results pages of searches that people conduct from The Google AdSense program allows these advertisements to show up on pages all over the Internet. To see some of the ads themselves, users can take a look at the this page carefully (they marked grey Advertisement word). The webmaster simply places a special code in their page and the program takes care of the rest. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the system is that robots (specialized computer programs that scan Internet pages) analyze pages that ads will be placed on to determine which ads are most relevant to the page's content.

The relevancy of ads placed by the program varies on all sorts of criteria, but most ads are usually very relevant to the page on which the ad is displayed.

Advertisers pay Google a certain amount for each time one of their ads are clicked. Google keeps a portion of this payment and passes on the rest to the owner of the website itself. Page views of the advertisements are irrelevant in terms of generating revenue in the program - commissions are only generated when Internet users actually click on the ads themselves.

Google AdSense checks are sent out on a monthly basis. Many webmasters wait in anticipation of their checks since the program provides them a simple way to recoup some of the losses associated with posting websites on the Internet. In some cases, webmasters can even make a profit using this method.


What is AdSense Client ID?

Google Adsense ID is known as Adsense client ID or Adsense Publisher ID, which is unique to each Adsense publisher.


To find your unique AdSense publisher ID number, log into your AdSense account at You may see your ID one the upper right of the page like the image. Or, on the Account settings tab, scroll down to the Account information section. Your publisher ID for each AdSense product and feature will be located in this section.

Alternatively, you can find your publisher ID number within your AdSense code. Just locate the AdSense code in the HTML source code of your website, and you'll spot your publisher ID in a line like the one shown below:

Easiest way to find AdSense Client ID on any site using this tool.

You can also use Get AdSense Client ID gadget here

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