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My Favorite Gadgets

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Important! Please read F.A.Q. before write me. Many users post me letters like follow:
Subject: System Monitor 19.x
Message: I have downloaded this version several times but each time I try to launch it it keeps loading in version 17.1. I have removed version 17.1 from both the "Gadgets" window, the registry, and download history, re-downloaded and tried to launch but I still get version 17.1. Can you give me some advice as to how to get version 19.x to load and launch? When I try to launch the version 19.9 I do get a message window stating that I have an earlier version and Do I want to replace it with 19.x. I click "yes" but I still end up with 17.1. This happens even after I have deleted the registry value for 17.1 and deleted it from gadget window.

Solution for this issue here

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