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      Disabled performance counters and Exctrlst.exe      

If you read here, it mean one of my gadgets (System Monitor II, Network Monitor II, Drives Monitor or Top Process Monitor) not work properly. Its connected with a needed counter was missing from the list. This can occur if the counter has been disabled intentionally, or if the counter has been disabled by the operating system itself due to it faulting 3 times. When a counter is disabled, a simple registry value is set that tells the OS to ignore it. This value is set under the Performance key of the service in question. If the Disable Performance Counters entry is set to 1 then the counter is disabled, like so:



Now, you can always reenable a performance counter manually by editing the registry, but they are not always easy to find depending on the service name they are listed under. We have a tool that can come in handy in these situations, the Extensible Counter List tool, or Exctrlst.exe. This tool shows a list of all installed performance counters, sorted either by DLL name, service or Counter ID. With this, you can easily see if a counter is enabled or disabled, and set them however you wish. This utility is part of the Windows 2000 resource kit, and can also be downloaded from my site

Once downloaded, start the installation and follow the installation wizard. The default install location for this will be:

C:\Program Files\Resource Kit or C:\Program Files (x86)\Resource Kit for 64bit OS.

To launch the utility, just double click the executable - Exctrlst.exe.

NOTE: Be sure that you run it under Administrator rights.

When it opens, you should see a window very similar to this:

extensible counter list

Now look through the list for the performance counter which you are missing. For System Monitor II and Top Process Monitor it is PersOS, for Network Monitor II it is PerfNet and for Drives Monitor it is PerfDisk. Please don't forget about Tcpip counter for Network Monitor II. For example, if the disk counters are missing, search for PerfDisk. Once you click the performance counter you are interested in, verify if the Performance Counters Enabled box is checked or not. If the box is not checked, then the performance counter is disabled. To reenable it, all you have to do is place a check mark in the box. The registry change happens immediately, so all you have to do is close the tool when you are done. In case Windows 7 you must restart your computer.

I would also suggest that you have a look at the below articles as well.

In some cases you need do follow:
1. Click Start, expand All Programs, and expand Accessories.
2. Right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator.
3. At the command prompt, type lodctr /r, and then press ENTER. If you use x64 Windows after that type cd .. ENTER then cd SysWOW64 EENTER then type lodctr /r, and then press ENTER again.

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