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      How to Enable Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 Sidebar Gadgets      

Everyone will love Window 8 Sidebar Gadgets. Gadgets make your work easier and handy. You should know how to add Sidebar in Windows 8 and Which are the best Gadgets you can use in Win 8.

When Gadget comes in the talk then i want to clear that if you are lover of Windows gadgets then you have to enable it on your Windows 8 sidebar. As everybody know Microsoft has focus on Metro UI in Windows 8 rather than Sidebar Gadgets.

How to Add Windows 8 Gadgets On Sidebar

Gadget makes our desktop more beautiful in terms of beauty and useful in terms of productivity. Basically you do not need to activate or enable sidebar, You just have to add gadgets on Sidebar then sidebar automatically enable and when you remove all gadgets from sidebar, Windows 8 side bar will be disable.

Step 1: Hit Start button and Select Search option to change sidebar settings.

Step 2: Now type Gadgets and hit Settings from below options.

Step 3: Various results will be popup at the left side of your desktop. See screenshot.

How to add gadgets to the desktop


Desktop Gadgets: When you click on Desktop Gadgets, A list of default 8 Gadgets will be open. You can choose there which one you will need to add.

View List of Running Gadgets: By clicking this you can see the list of gadgets which are currently running on your desktop sidebar.

Remote Desktop Gadget: This is the gadgets which is favorite for networking user. You can use this gadgets for handy remote sync.

Add Gadgets to the Desktop: Clicking on this, Windows will offer you top gadgets to add on your desktop.

Get More Gadgets Online: See only 8 gadgets are coming in Windows 8 currently in beta version. It may be possible that Microsoft may include more gadget in the future in the final release of Microsoft windows 8. Till then you can search and download your favorite gadgets online.

Add Clock Gadgets on Desktop: One of the most favorite and used gadget is Clock. You can add it right at the moment by clicking this option.

Uninstall Gadget: If you do not like Sidebar gadgets and want to disable windows gadgets then you can just click on Uninstall Gadgets. Note: This may uninstall gadgets from your computer. Please use this option with caution.

How to Enable and Disable Sidebar Gadgets on Windows 8

If you are getting any confusion then do not wait and do not forget to watch this YouTube video which is specially made to enable and disable sidebar gadgets from windows 8 by Rehana Shaikh.

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