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      Drives Monitor      

Drives Monitor is free hard drive monitoring tool to monitor hard drive and to display the overall disk drive performance. This wonderful gadget lets you analyze all your disk drives in terms of disk activity, disk usage, reading or writing speeds, and file system. It shows a list of all the disk drives and removable media connected to your computer, with all the necessary details, which helps you to analyze and monitor their performance.

Drives Monitor not only displays the performance of various disk drives connected to your computer, but also offers various other useful settings. Lets have a look on all of them, one by one.

How to Monitor Hard Drive using Drives Monitor?

Drives Monitor's "Settings" tab can be accessed if you move the mouse cursor to the extreme right, top corner of the Drives Monitor window. It offers seven different sections to modify the settings. When you go through these sections, you will find various different setting options. In this I am covering only those settings which may help you to analyze your system drives in a better way.

Change Mode: You can choose to run the application in either "Physical" or "Logical" mode. If you run it in Physical mode, you will be given a generic view of your system drives. If you choose to run the application in Logical mode, it will display all the details regarding memory usage and data transfer per unit time.

Change Size: You can change the size of the interface if you are not feeling comfortable in reading the details from the default size of the interface.

Exclude Drives: If you don't want to see the details of a particular drive, you can exclude it from the list by typing its Letter or Number.

Graphs: You can change the graph line width, graph drawing style, or even hide gridlines on a graph.

Hide: You have options to hide anything like full disk info, graphics, read/write counters, title, etc.

Colors: If you don't find the interface pleasing enough, you can change the color for various elements like background, title, disk name, disk info, error message, version, copyright, etc.


Language: Drives Monitor supports many different languages including Ukrainian, Russian, Portuguese (BR), Turkish, Spanish (LA), German, French, Catalonian, Indonesian, Italian, Slovak, Polish, Hindi, Czech, Japanese, Belorussian, Dutch and of course English.

Restore Settings: This section allows you to restore all your previous settings.

We have gained enough information about the settings; now its time to understand how Drives Monitor allows us to monitor the drives on our system, more clearly.

How to Monitor Hard Drive using Drives Monitor?

Lets have a quick look at the interface of Drives Monitor and try to understand the various aspects shown by this powerful gadget.

Drives Monitor displays each drive name with disk activity graph and data transfer information. It shows the accurate speed at which the data transfer takes place in terms of bytes per second. It also shows the total amount of data read or written on the disk in current session. It displays the amount of total memory, free memory, and memory currently in use. In other words, Drives Monitor lets you monitor hard drive in detail.

Drives Monitor is a useful application to statically analyze all your disk drives and monitor hard drive in a better way.

See Temperatures Setup page for know how right setup CrystalDiskInfo for showing temperatures.

Drives monitor
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Special features
  • You can safely remove your USB drives from gadget. If drive detected as removable you can see special icon - Eject USB. When mouse over on this icon, cursor was changed to Eject USB. Click on icon Eject USB and your USB drive will be removed, if possible.
  • Click on gadget's title or disk drive's letter (number) or temperature/status string for open flyout window with additional information about drives, click again - close flyout window.
  • You can access files of the disk drives by double clicking anywhere on the area, where the information related to that disk is displayed.
  • Click on Disk Queue Length string for show details about it.
  • Shows disks temperatures. You must run CrystalDiskInfo on the background. See Temperatures Setup page for know how setup CrystalDiskInfo for this.

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