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      Google Banned check      

A user-friendly and reliable gadget that enables you to quickly and easily verify whether a certain domain has been banned by AdSense

If you still rely on Windows 7 as your operating system of choice, part of the reason might be its support for gadgets (initially introduced in Windows Vista as sidebar gadgets), since they can be extremely useful as they can complete a wide range of tasks. For example, Google Banned check can help you verify if your website has been banned by AdSense or not.

In order to use this utility, you simply need to double-click it and it will automatically be installed onto your Windows 7 computer, be it x86 or x64 (there are some third-party apps that can make it possible to run gadgets on Windows 8 PCs, but they might still not run smoothly on all systems).

The main window of Google Banned check is highly intuitive as you only need to type or paste a domain name, then press Enter. The website address can be yours or it can belong to a competitor that you want to check upon - you can instantly view whether the specified URL has been banned by AdSense or not.

Regarding the customization options, you can modify the size of the main window, making it smaller or larger, while keeping in mind that magnifying it even a little bit will ensure increased visibility (i.e., it gets easier to input the URL). You can experiment with various sizes, then stick with the one you like best.

When you no longer need the gadget, you can simply close it and remove it from your desktop, or you can go the extra mile and uninstall it if you are sure you will not require its features in the future.

All in all, Google Banned check can help you easily analyze the status of any website and verify if it has been banned from AdSense or not.

Google Banned check Google Banned check

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