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RunAsDateSet programs from your computer to run at a user-defined time by turning to this lightweight gadget that requires minimum configuration.

If your work mainly revolves around your computer, you probably considered tweaking some of your PC's components in order to simplify your tasks. Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of specialized programs that can help you achieve the desired results with minimum efforts. One of these software solutions is RunAsDate.

Simple installation

Since it is a Windows gadget, you can install this application with ease, since no additional nor complicated configuration is required on your side. In order to deploy this utility on your computer successfully, you only need to double-click the installer package and hit the Install button.

Minimalistic design

After you install it, the utility is automatically launched and displayed on your desktop as a small, non-intrusive box. However, clicking the wrench-shaped button grants you full access over its capabilities, which include the main screen and a few configuration menus, as well.

Set programs to run at specific times

This gadget can help you schedule your computer to launch an application at a given time quickly and conveniently. You just need to provide the utility with the required parameters, which include date and time, application path and parameters (optional). The additional configuration menus can help you prevent functionality errors by toggling a permanent time check or hide the title and copyright symbol from the application's titlebar, according to your preferences. More so, if you need to, you can customize the appearance of this widget and also restore all the adjustable settings to their default values from the corresponding menus.

Lightweight gadget that schedules apps to run at certain times

All in all, RunAsDate is a simple Windows gadget that can help you schedule programs to be launched at user-defined times with minimum difficulty. You can install it on your PC quickly, it packs a minimalistic design and, despite its lack of standard help documentation, it can be easily operated by a broad range of users.

RunAsDate RunAsDate

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