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      Weather Monitor      

Weather Monitor helps integrate your activities on a daily basis with the information about weather condition in your location to guide throughout the day.

Are you looking for a weather gadget that remains consistent with the rest of the application on your desktop in terms of style and design but full of information? The look and feel of Weather Monitor is customizable to achieve coherence with your home screen.

Weather Monitor is real-time weather prediction gadget that won't fall short of what you expect from a weather gadget. It never runs out of information when it comes to weather condition. It has the complete data for you to make use of in making decision for your daily activities.

As you open the gadget a lot of information will show up like current temperature, pressure, humidity, visibility, UV index, Wind, Precipitation, sunrise, sunset, moon shape, location and the time when the update was made.

It is capable of long-term forecast. In the extended mode, Weather Monitor shows you the forecast for the rest of the week. It is capable of showing more weather details for each day. Details such as the time of sunrise and sunset including the average high and low temperature on that day, wind speed and direction, and the moon shape are provided.

The configuration panel enables you to make changes in almost every aspect of the gadget as you see fit. It allows you to set the location, enable update notifications, change the unit of measurement for temperature, pressure, visibility, wind speed and precipitation. You can also change the time format between 12 hours and 24 hours format and you can change the date format.

There is lot of things that you can do in the configuration like changing the weather icons. You also have the option to save or not the city name to settings, show or not the state in location or disable or enable the sounds when flyout open or close.

Moreover, you can opt to show or hide some of the details about weather condition.

Remember, your gadget will reside on your home screen. And home screen is the first and last thing you will notice upon doing some activities so you have to make sure the gadget is fit to the desktop in all aspects. It must be highly customizable.

Weather Monitor is a lightweight, helpful widget from Accuweather that enables any type of user to view the current forecast, including information such as pressure, humidity, wind speed and the list goes on. Geomagnetic storms scales ais kindly provided by Space Weather Prediction Center National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Geomagnetic storms scales here

Help how to find a city here and here

Icon codes here

Weather Monitor
Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor  Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor Weather Monitor

Special features
  • Move mouse over weather picture (left up corner in main window or into flyout window) for show additional information.
  • Click on refresh icon refresh for refresh gadget.
  • Click on forecast icon for open forecast into flyout window.
  • Click on solar systems icon for open astronomy into flyout window.
  • Click on geomagnetic storms icon for open geomagnetic storms into flyout window.
  • Move mouse over sunrise or sunset for show day length.
  • Move mouse over city string for show state/region/country.

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